Printing at School

Students in the middle and high school may print from their laptops when connected to the SMIS-WIN wireless network.  The printer is available in the MS/HS Learning Commons. Remeber:
In order to print you must first setup your laptop with the printer.
How to Connect to the Network Printers (MAC)
Please come to the MS/HS Learning Commons.

How to Connect to the Network Printers (WINDOWS)
Adding a Printer on Windows

1. Open File Explorer.
2. In the address bar type \\DB01\ and hit enter.
3. You will be prompted for your school username and password.
4. Enter your username as SMIS\douglas72 (i.e. put SMIS\ in front of it)
5. Type your username that was on your schedule/card (available in PowerSchool also under IT Information)
7. You should then see a list of folders and printers.
8. Double click the N359.. Printer.
9. This should bring you through the install process.