Wireless Networking

Once you've received your Landed badge,  your username and password (issued on your schedule and available in PowerSchool) will allow you to connect to the SMIS-WIN wireless network.  This network is secured with WPA2-Enterprise security with AES encryption and currently uses Wireless AC protocol (and earlier).  While there will be no test of these concepts, your laptop (and wireless network adapter) must be able to connect using these protocols - which is usually no problem for a modern laptop, smartphone or tablet.  These protocols provide a high-level of security when connected to the network.

Connecting to SMIS-WIN

Your network credentials can be used to connect your primary device (your laptop) to the SMIS-WIN network.  Generally, use you wireless network settings to connect to the SMIS-WIN wireless network. More detailed device specific instructions can be found below.

Connecting with Windows
1. Do to the nature of our network, specialized instructions are needed to connect a Windows computer to the SMIS-WIN network. They can be found here.

Connecting with OS X (Mac)
1. Click the Wireless Network icon in the Status Menu. (usually found at the top)
2. Click the SMIS-WIN network.
3. When prompted enter your St. Mary's username and password as it originally appeared on you schedule and choose Connect.

If you have any difficulties please see the help desk in the MS/HS Learning Commons.