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Grade 6 Library

Mr. Sirkka's First Day Page

Welcome to the Learning Commons. The purpose of this library class will be to support you project based learning class.  In the coming quarter, we will setup individual blogs that you will use to reflect upon your progress in your projects and to collect resources to support your learning. In order to do that we will need to:
- connect your laptop to the WIFI network (today we will use the guest network)
- navigate to the various websites that we use at St. Mary's to support your learning
- login to the various applications we use:
    - PowerSchool
    - Google Apps incl. Gmail
    - Moodle (coming soon!)
- obtain MS Office for free!

Here's what you need to do:
1. Connect to the school WIFI. (stmarys/titans)
2. Login to PowerSchool.
3. Mr. Sirkka is also listed as a teacher of Library 6 find his name by clicking the little people icon.
4. Log in to Google Drive.
5. Create a document and answer these questions:
    - What are the two domains that St. Mary's uses on the Internet.
    - Make a list of useful links that we covered today.
    - What do you think is the most important thing to consider when using a laptop at school and why?
6. Share this with Mr. Sirkka's SMISTitans address.
7. Download MS Office according to the instructions on Ed Tech Central i.e. the SMISTitans website.

You may not finish today and that's ok but be sure to have finished everything by next library class.