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College Visits & Events 2015-2016

Dear Students and Parents,

This fall we have had over 135 colleges and universities visit St. Mary's International School. The colleges and universities have visited us from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Japan. These visits are an opportunity for students and parents to meet with admissions representatives to learn more about colleges/universities and to ask questions. We are fortunate to have these colleges and universities visit St. Mary's, often during their very brief trip to Tokyo. We encourage students to talk to the admissions representatives even if you have not heard of the school. Keep an open mind. It might be a great fit for you!

Check out the Student Daily Bulletin for upcoming College visit or the school calendar at

Parents are always welcome to join us for the school visits and presentations. 

Please check Naviance and the daily student bulletin for updates. 

Thank you,

Ms. Callon 


Ms. Kobayashi 


Marie Kobayashi 

High School Counselor | St. Mary's International School