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College Test Dates - Important!

Upcoming Official Test Dates:
Suggested testing schedule:
May 2016 - SAT subject tests (First time) or SAT (First time) 
June 2016 - ACT with writing (First time), SAT (First/Second time), SAT subject tests (First/Second time) 
September 2016- ACT with writing (First/Second time) 
October 2016-  SAT (Second/Third Time) or ACT with writing (Second/Third Time) 
November 2016- SAT subject tests (Second time) or SAT (Third Time) 
December 2016 - SAT, SAT subject tests, or ACT with writing
(December is usually the last month to take the tests in order for the results to arrive on time. It may take up to 4-6 weeks for test results to be processed and sent to universities, longer for Japanese universities.) 
We would like to suggest that students sign up for the SAT and ACT with writing, as many colleges will require the writing section.  
* ACT test centers in Tokyo are full, but there may be seats available for the SAT. However, you will have to follow the instructions attached to this email to try and get a seat for the SAT at ISSH. *see below