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1b. Seniors: Letter of Recommendation Process

September 2015

Dear Seniors, 

We would like to remind you of the letter of recommendation process for your college applications. While some of you have already submitted the recommenders signature form, we would like to remind you to write your letters and finish filling out the recommendation profile survey on Naviance

The recommenders signature form (attached) is due on Friday, September 11th. Your letters to your recommenders (guidelines attached) and recommendation profile survey on Naviance should be completed by Friday, September 18th. 

Letter of Recommendation Process (emailed on May 14, 2015) 

Students do not need to ask for more than two. Any student who feels as though he needs more than two, must talk to the counselors first. Only ask for the number of recommendations you need. 

1) Print out the attached recommendation request form

 2) Ask your teacher politely for a letter of recommendation. .

 3) If the teacher says yes, ask the teacher to sign the form. Submit that form to the counselors. 

 4) After you submit the form to us, you need to write a letter to your teachers thanking them and letting them know what you would like them to write. Please see the attached document for ideas on how to write that letter. 

 5) Finally, make sure you've completed "Taking a look at you" and "letter of recommendation profile" on Naviance. They are under "about me" and "surveys to take". 

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are here to support you throughout the process. 


Ms. Callon & Ms. Kobayashi 


Letter of Recommendation Request Form and Process 2.pdf

Guidelines for Letter to Recommender .pdf

Marie Kobayashi 

High School Counselor | St. Mary's International School 

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