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Reminders for all seniors

September 2015

Dear Seniors,

We are writing with a couple of reminders and some information that you might be looking for as you proceed through your applications.

If you are applying to any school that has a deadline before the Christmas break, your deadline for the letter of recommendation thank you e-mail was due September 18.  Everyone else’s letters are due on September 30.  Your teachers are beginning to work on their letters, so if you have not completed these letters or the letter of recommendation profile on Naviance do them tomorrow on your day off.

If you would like a faculty member (including Mrs. Callon or Ms. Kobayashi) to review any of your personal statements, you must submit your draft with plenty of time before your deadline. If you are applying for Oxbridge or one of the medical schools you must submit your application no later than October 5 (Monday). The last day you may submit essays for comments from faculty members at SMIS is December 14. You cannot expect teachers to be available to give you comments on personal statements over the holiday break.

As you are filling out your applications you may need the following information:

School address:  1-6-19 Seta, Setagaya, Tokyo 158-8668

Phone:  03-3709-3411

Counselor e-mails: 

Mrs. Callon:     

Ms. Kobayashi