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ES Class Web Pages

General Overview

Elementary grade level web pages can be found at the address with the following structure:
The grade level home page contains the same grade level description as found in the information pamphlet along with a class photo.  This photo and content may have to be updated year after year but should remain relatively static.
Underneath each grade level page you will find:
  • a class web page for each class (for example, 1R, 1M and 1T)
  • a grade level announcements page
To get to a class web page just add your homeroom name (example: 1R) after the address.
The class home pages contains a welcome message and a photo which can be updated and customized. This page is meant to be fairly static and only updated once a year, semester or quarter.
Underneath each class page you will find a class announcements page.  It is the grade level and class announcements pages that you will find easy to update with day to day content.  Posting new content (pictures, class updates and information, links etc...) is fairly straightforward and is much like composing an email message.

How to Edit a Page

You can edit any of the pages to update the content displayed there.  To update a page click the Edit icon (a pencil) in the top right hand corner of the page in the menu bar.  If you don't see the menu bar that is because you Google Sites thinks you are not signed it.  Luckily there is a sign in link at the bottom of the page.  Sign in if needed.
Once you've clicked the edit button, you can then edit the page much like you would in Google Docs or Microsoft Word... the tools and methods that you edit the content are not that different.
When you have made your changed click save and you will be presented with your web page.

How to Add an Announcement to Your Class Announcement's Page

An announcements page is a web page that displays posts in chronological order with the latest post at the top.  Each of these posts are they themselves a web page.  This might seem a little bit confusing at first.  One common mistake is that you click the Edit icon on the announcement page when you want to make a new post.  This is not correct. Use the edit button if you want to change the little bit of text and picture that is at the top of your announcements page. To make a new post instead use the new post button. At least that part is straight forward.  When you click the new post button you then fill out the body of your post - again much like writing a Google Doc or Word Document. Make sure you give the post a descriptive title before you hit the save button in the top-right corner.
You are then presented with your post which, as I mentioned before, is really just a simple webpage that has been filed under your announcements page.  Clicking on the link to bring you back to the announcements page, you can see your post at the top of the page.  
One more thing to consider: Your post will also be shown in the left-hand navigation menu. On difference is that it is shown in alphabetical order in this menu and not chronological order like on the announcements page itself.  
How to Add a Photo to a Page
You can add a photo to any page directly from your laptop or iPad. To do so, simply choose Image from the Insert menu from the menu bar. Remember if you don't see the menu bar, you are not logged in. If you don't see the Insert Menu, that's because you have to be either editing a page (click the pencil!) or writing a new post (click the new post button).
Clicking Insert --> Image brings you to an image chooser.  Click upload image and select the image you'd like to upload. You can choose only one image to insert. Click the image to highlight it, add some alternative text (Alt text) if you wish, and then choose OK. This will default to a left aligned, original sized image with word wrap turned off. To change these options, select the picture if it isn't already by clicking it.  A menu will appear and you can then adjust
  • the alignment
  • the size of the image
  • and whether text wraps
It also automatically creates a link to the original image. You can remove this link or change it to link to something else like another web page!
Don't forget to save your work!